Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vape Dojo Mini Juice Review

Vape Dojo Mini Review:

Greetings fellow vapers!  It has indeed been a while since my last review.  Life has gotten rather busy.  Fortunately for me I happened to stumble into a Google+ Hangout where a member of the Vape Dojo staff happened to be there.  Ok, let's be honest, we were the only ones there for some reason and it was kind of an awkward moment.  Oddly enough we had both been invited to the hangout seemingly randomly and when I arrived he and I were the only ones connected.  I decided to stick around and we had a nice chat and that led to us talking about different juices and such which ultimately led to him offering to send me some juices for review.  Each of these juices was provided to me at no cost.  I am not sure about the PG/VG ration as it is not listed on the bottles, but I am thinking they are 50/50.  The nicotine content is 12mg.  These juices and many others can be found at .

Judo Mint-  The best thing I can truly equate this flavor to is a wedding mint.  It has that light and indistinguishable hint of candied fruit of some sort and then a smooth minty overlay on the exhale.  It is a nice enough flavor, but I can't really say I'm a huge fan.  The primary reason for this is that after a while of vaping this I noticed the flavor became progressively more bland and actually vaping it began to cause my throat to have an irritating itch.  It may just be me reacting negatively to something in the juice.  That being said, it was still decently enjoyable and I wouldn't say it was a bad juice.  6/10

Berries & Cream-  The predominant flavor of this liquid seems to be blueberries.  Aside from that there is a wonderful creamy taste.  It isn't just a vanilla cream though.  Describing it, I would have to say it is very much like the cream you would find in a fruit parfait.  This is a sweet, but not overpowering vape that leaves a smell of heavy blueberries in the air.  I personally like blueberry, but for some this smell may be offensive.  I will note that the blueberry is a bit on the perfumy side, but it isn't too bad.  Not too shabby!  7/10

Melon Medley-  It is unfortunate when you get a juice and you are excited to try it based on previous experiences with similarly named flavors.  I tend to enjoy melon juices.  For this liquid it is just sadly not the case.  I tried this juice a couple of different times on different days and the resounding conclusion is perfume.  There is a slight hint of some sort of melon, though I couldn't distinguish which variety due to my taste buds being overwhelmed by the thick perfumy harshness I got out of it.  Maybe with some steeping this juice might improve, but as of now I just cannot give it a good score.  2/10

Peaches & Cream-  I've saved the best for last this time.  OH MAH GERD!  This juice is awesome.  It is sweet and like the berries and cream the cream portion is like that of a parfait.  The greatest part though is the delectably tang of the sweet peach flavor.  The flavor compliment each other so well that I had a hard time putting this one down to even try the others, being that this was the first one I sampled.  This juice gets an enormous thumbs up from me.  10/10

Closing Statement-  It seems to me that overall the juice provided to me by Vape Dojo was quality, though for me it was hit or miss on the actual flavors.  My personal opinion may vary wildly from your own though.  I'm not huge on fruit juices and that is what they chose to send me, but I still came away surprising pleased with a couple of the juices.  Overall I'd say give them a shot!  $4.99 for 10ml is a good price for the quality of the product I feel.

Remember, all tastes are subjective and no two people will ever taste things exactly the same.  Even if there is something I didn't care for, you may love it so don't be afraid to get out there and vape away!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Vaping Xtreme: R-YLD-4

Review for Vaping Xtreme R-YLD-4:

Greetings fellow vapers!  Time for another review, however this will be unlike many of the single juice reviews I've done in the past.  I quite like the new format I've been working with on the multi-juice reviews so I believe I'm going to be sticking with that even for the single juice reviews.  I feel, though it is simplified, it is still clear, concise, and gets the point across just as well.

Today I will be talking about Vaping Xtreme's R-YLD-4 which can be found at  This juice provided to me at no cost for review, is a 70/30 PG,VG mixture, and is 8mg in nicotine strength.

R-YLD-4-  Many companies put out an RY4 blend because it has garnered such popularity and has come to be known as a reliable choice from just about anywhere you get it.  I mean, come on, if a vendor can't get RY4 right there likely isn't anything else you'll be interested in buying from them.  I am happy to report that Vaping Xtreme did get it right and it is definitely a satisfying RY4 blend.  R-YLD-4 has a nice light caramel-vanilla melding paired with an ultra light tobacco.  It's a bit light for my tastes, but then again I prefer darker heavier juices.  This just isn't one of those.  That doesn't mean it isn't good by any means.  I really enjoy the flavor and it's better than many of the RY4s that I've tried on the market to be honest.  Flavor wise, it's just simply clean and balanced.  This is certainly a quality blend.  Vapor production is good and throat hit is mild.  If you like RY4 blends then R-YLD-4 is good choice for you.  7.5/10

Remember, all tastes are subjective and no two people will ever taste things exactly the same.  Even if there is something I didn't care for, you may love it so don't be afraid to get out there and vape away!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Delightful Vapor Mega Review:

Greetings fellow vapers!  Time for another review on multiple juices.  Today I'm looking at juices provided by Delightful Vapor at no charge for review.  All of these juices can be found at .  On a side note, this vendor offers out of this world prices for their quality product at only around $30.00 before shipping for a whopping 120 ml of juice.  All juices reviewed today are a 50/50 PG,VG blend and are 12mg of nicotine.

Maple Walnut Tobacco-  I decided to put this one out there first, not as an indication of Delightful Vapor's other juices, but just to plain get it out of the way.  I tried it a couple of times before writing this to be sure my thoughts were clear here and things did not change.  I will be blunt, I can't stand this flavor.  On a positive note, this is the only juice I received from them that I felt this way about.  Maple Walnut Tobacco is an extremely in your face, bold blend.  There is definitely an intensely dry walnut flavor blanketed with a completely unsweetened tobacco.  It is so dry of a taste in fact that it had me clearing my throat oddly enough.  I can't say this is a bad thing at all.  Many probably like it.  It just simply isn't for me.  With that being said, let's move on to what I found to be much greener pastures in the other juices.  1/10

Maple Heaven Pear Pie-  Holy cow this stuff is tasty!  There is a great brown sugar/maple flavor married brilliantly with a graham cracker crust that just knocked my socks off.  The pear flavor is on the light side, but does add a light fruity character to this already phenomenal mixture.  I will say though, after trying it out on two atomizers (Venus and Protank) at varying voltages I didn't get an awesome vapor production out of it.  I don't know if it's just this batch or what.  There is, however, a powerful throat hit.  This leads me to believe there may have been a mix-up at the lab and too much PG was added.  Either way this is a greatly enjoyable vape, if nothing else, for the flavor alone.  9/10

Hypnofruit-  This juice is nothing short of a mystery for me.  It's fruity, a little sweet, and definitely complex.  I know that I do taste a little grape, perhaps a bit of raspberry, and maybe even some blueberry, but to be frankly honest, besides the grape I'm pretty stumped on nailing it down exactly.  The vapor is smooth and there isn't really a throat hit.  All I have left to say is that it's one of a kind and certainly tasty.  7/10

MBMC-  AMAZING!  No, I'm not joking.  For anyone reading this that likes Honey Pearry from The Vapor Chef, but is on a tight budget, this is the one for you.  There is a mellow fruity mixture going on here that tastes a whole lot like the previously mentioned juice.  I'm finding a great honeydew melon-like flavor and possibly even pear, though I have no way of knowing for sure.  What I can say is that there is one major difference in the two juices.  MBMC adds a cooling effect to this juice.  I wouldn't go so far as to call it minty, just cooling.  It's a very nice touch and keeps it fresh puff after puff.  The vapor is also smooth and refreshing with no throat hit.  I am, for lack of better words, in love.  10/10

Mochaccino-  On the forefront there is a wonderful dark mocha-coffee flavor followed by a cool vanilla exhale.  I'm definitely liking this blend, though it wouldn't be an all day vape.  A light throat hit comes through, but it's barely noticeable.  7/10

Irish Cream-  What can I really say here?  It's Irish cream!  There is a delicious dark coffee undertone blended masterfully with a creamy light vanilla.  Irish Cream is spot on for it's describing title and comes with a smooth vapor with no throat hit.  9/10

Tiramisu-  This flavor is very similar in character to Mochaccino.  For me there was a nice hint of dark roast coffee followed by an extremely light vanilla and a hint of cocoa.  It's definitely an enjoyable vape, but I'd say it's missing some of the qualities of the actual dessert it's named for.  I would have liked the vanilla to be a little bit creamier and brought more to the front in all honesty.  Tiramisu isn't bad by any stretch.  It just fails to separate itself enough from Mochaccino for it to matter.  It is certainly smooth though and has no throat hit.  6/10

Applemint Tobacco-  This for me was probably one of the more surprising flavors.  Apple and a light mint meld seamlessly with an extremely light tobacco undertone to create one tasty vaping experience.  Applemint Tobacco isn't at all a sweet juice and no one flavor overpowers the other.  The mint has more of a cooling effect than anything and I'm really finding myself enjoying this a lot more than I had anticipated.  I was also surprised, with this being a tobacco blend, that there was very little throat hit if any.  What a wonderful creation this is.  8/10

Butterscotch Cappuccino-  Man this stuff is tasty.  In this juice I find a well balanced blend of light butterscotch paired with a creamy cappuccino flavor.  There is a nice vanilla touch to the cappuccino flavor that just lends itself so well to the butterscotch.  I tend to be a lover of coffee vapes and this one is no exception with it's smooth vapor and light throat hit.  If you like to drink cappuccino you will love to vape this.  8/10

Thin Minty-  The name should really say it all for the intention of this juice.  Thin Minty attempts to recreate the wonderful flavor of the ever popular Girl Scout cookie Thin Mint and admirably succeeds.  In this juice I found a great pairing of lightly sweet dark chocolate and creamy peppermint.  There is also a subtle cookie undertone; that or my brain is tricking me because the flavor is so dead-on for a Thin Mint.  Whatever it is, Thin Minty does a fantastic job at recreating it's name sake and is sure to win over any fan of the cookie.  I will also note that the vapor is smooth and has no real throat hit.  9/10

Toffee Sugar Cookie-  Looks like I'm ending this review on a high note!  Upon drawing this in I was greeted with a delightfully warm sugar cookie flavor that tastes just like it had been drizzled in a slightly buttery caramel toffee.  This juice is surprisingly not as sweet as I would have thought, but that's okay in this case as it isn't needed to communicate it's intended flavor.  I have to say, I'm super impressed.  Again, like many of the juices from this vendor there is no throat hit.  9/10

Closing Statement-  In my time as a vaper there are few vendors that have impressed me this much with a consistently quality product.  Additionally at prices like the ones Delightful Vapor offers this is a value that I just can't honestly see being beat.  Do yourself a favor and try these guys out.  You won't be disappointed.

Remember, all tastes are subjective and no two people will ever taste things exactly the same.  Even if there is something I didn't care for, you may love it so don't be afraid to get out there and vape away!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

bombies: 'bacco B

Review for bombies 'bacco B:

Greetings fellow vapers!  I meant no disrespect when I didn't capitalize the name of the vendor this time around, just so we're clear.  That's just how it's printed on the bottle.  'bacco B was sent to me at no cost for review  by Michael from, which has yet to open it's doors to the public so I guess you could consider this a pre-release party of sorts.  This juice is a 30/70 PG,VG mixture and is in 6mg nicotine strength.

'bacco B-  Let me start by just flat out saying, yum!  This stuff truly is tasty.  There is a light tobacco undertone, but it most certainly is not the star of the show.  'bacco B is a truly masterful blending of what seems to be a hint of maple or brown sugar, graham cracker, and an ever so slight buttery tease.  Color me impressed because this juice bottle is going to get vaped down quickly.  The balance and blending of this juice truly shows me that Michael at bombies wasn't joking in the letter he sent along with this sample when he said, "For over a year, I have been designing and refining liquids I consider to be my All Day Vapes.  After extensive testing and multiple reiterations, I believe I have found the perfect blend of flavors."   It definitely took a lot of hard work to come up with something this tasty.  Throat hit was very mild in 6mg and vapor production was outstanding.  I have one word left for bombies' 'bacco B and that is simply, "Bravo!"  9/10

Remember, all tastes are subjective and no two people will ever taste things exactly the same.  Even if there is something I didn't care for, you may love it so don't be afraid to get out there and vape away!

Vapor Vapes: Cloudy Clove, Mint Tulip, Hookah Nut, and Turkish Light

Review for Vapor Vapes Cloudy Clove, Mint Tulip, Hookah Nut, and Turkish Light:

Greetings fellow vapers!  Keeping in fashion with my previous review this will be a multi-juice review.  Today I will be reviewing four juices from Vapor Vapes found at .  I was contacted by Chris from Vapor Vapes for this review after he read my review of Lizard Juice and liked my honesty on the subject.  All of these juices were provided at no cost for review, are a 50/50 pg,vg mix, and are 12mg nicotine strength.

Cloudy Clove-  I didn't come into this particular juice review expecting it to taste anything like a clove cigarette and I'm thankful for that because it doesn't.  Instead what I was presented with was a very slightly sweet light-hearted clove taste.  Cloudy Clove is actually quite refreshing and not at all overpowering.  I typically like a more robust flavor, but for this juice I think it's just right for what I believe they were trying to achieve.  To note, there was no throat hit present, but even clove cigarettes don't really carry much of a throat hit so it was fitting in my opinion.  8/10

Mint Tulip-  Ok, I will admit, reading the name of this juice I was a little worried.  I had never thought of a tulip as being something I'd consume in any way shape or form, but I thought, "What the hell?  Here goes nothing."  Firstly I will say that the mint here is very down key.  It's more of a background note to add a cooling effect and I believe balance out the overall flavor.  Whatever "tulip" is supposed to taste like, I'm not sure to be honest.  There wasn't really a floral note present for me.  Personally I enjoyed the flavor.  It reminded me of a semi sweet dark chocolate oddly enough.  To be blunt, I like it.  The flavors go well together even as off-putting as the name was.  Again, there is no throat hit present.  7/10

Hookah Nut-  I remember back in my smoking days I used to love hookah, especially good key lime pie flavored shisha; so I was excited to try something with hookah in the name.  I imagine Vapor Vapes may have been trying to imitate a specific shisha flavor, but I do have limited experience with many hookah flavors so I know this isn't something I'll be able to pinpoint or name.  There is a light undertone of an almost maple flavor accompanied by an almost equally fruity and nutty mixture.  I can't quite explain what kind of fruit I'm tasting in this nor the type of nut.  It's all so well blended together that it essentially becomes one concise, well balanced, and frankly delicious vaping experience.  Oddly enough, it reminds me of the aftertaste of Fruity Pebbles a little bit after continual vaping, even in the sense of being creamy.  I'm impressed.  There is a very mild throat hit here, but nothing irritating.  9/10

Turkish Light-  When I used to smoke cigarette I really used to enjoy Camel Turkish Jades.  I was always a menthol smoker, but I did also like their other turkish blends as well.  I had high hopes for this tobacco blend, but was ultimately let down.  I don't attribute this to the flavor at all because frankly it's great.  It has a nice light tobacco flavor that tastes like it was extracted from fresh tobacco leaves.  I just personally enjoy my tobaccos to be a little more robust and in your face and, well as you can probably tell by the name, this is meant to be light.  Still, even if it isn't for me I have to give credit where credit is due.  This juice is quite enjoyable and smooth.  If you are looking for a nice light tobacco flavor, this may just be the one for you.  7/10

Closing Statement-  All four juices I tried from Vapor Vapes were really good quality and I certainly can't complain.  This was definitely a review I enjoyed doing and the prices are more than fair so you can feel free to give them a try without even coming close to breaking the bank.

Remember, all tastes are subjective and no two people will ever taste things exactly the same.  Even if there is something I didn't care for, you may love it so don't be afraid to get out there and vape away!